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Berkeley Indoor Garden
844 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone: 510.549.2918
Fax: 510.549.2586

Mon - Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm



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Well i'm joining the club of 5 star yelpers...this business speaks for itself... Open how long? Oh..20+ Years...these guys were in hydro before it was cool..that says something...believe me these guys are well stocked and very knowledgeable....keep up the good work...i love the Bay Area!


Knowledge! The key to any successful specialty shop.

Keep it up guys!

These guys (and girls) have everything you need to make your project a success- and the know-how to show you what you're doing wrong without making you feel like an idiot. They seem to be as concerned with my success as I am! Great staff! All the stuff you need in one place.


Very nice place with a ton of gear.

Staff is friendly, and... discreet, when they have to be. They can load your purchases inside their garage if you like, or wrap everything in black plastic so no one outside can see your purchase.

How do I know this? Probably because of how I dress, there is generally an assumption that I am growing something illicit, which can make for some pretty funny sitcom-worthy conversations... they are usually a bit chagrined when I tell them I'm, yes, STILL buying for the sickly orchids that live under my desk at work... Hopefully the grow-lamps won't make me sterile. They are very polite. The staff of Indoor Garden that is, not the grow-lamps.

I like this place. Maybe someday I will make a giant hydroponics grid... but not today.


These people know their stuff!
I really really liked the fact that they helped me not kill my orchids. They showed me about lighting, fertalizer (how to mix them based on where the plant was in it's growth phase), proper planting medium, watering and seasons. They were so nice to me. I always go back when I have a sick orchid, or I need to repot a new one.

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